Thursday, October 12, 2017

Who you are...

You are shaped by the experiences that you encounter and sometimes those experiences are too extreme that it touches the raw nerve and when that happens it takes an insane amount of time to reach equilibrium again. #JustAThought

Thursday, October 16, 2014

One for all and all for one - Android One it is!

There you go three Karbonns for a sparkling Diwali! One for +bharath tukrel one for +karthik s and one for myself! It's good that we got to embrace this so soon....

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Votes cast.. Democratic duty? Check!

While it might be lame that it's the first time you vote when you're 27 whereas the eligibility begins at 18 it was indeed fun nevertheless! 

Elections for the India parliament is a mammoth exercise and the sheer enormity leaves you awestruck at the deft execution! And am super proud that I have played my role and no dereliction at least on this end :)

What was even more fun and heartwarming is to see your lovely grandma do this even when she's nearing 70 and all the more that she did so walking all the way to the booth which is a good 2 miles away under the scorching heat. A super salute to grandma's inspirational act!

Now I'll have to wait for the ink to disappear :P

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Chill Scenes at Bidar!

Here comes a well timed and deservedly true escapade at the Jungle Lodge Black Buck Resort in Bidar. Extensive planning to the minutiae by +Chetan Gupta ensured we didn't encounter a bit of inconvenience while everything went on as planned staying true to the Chill Scenes theme!

Those who wanted got unlimited drinks of their choice and others wandered around according to their whims. I first encountered bonfire and the friendly, warm staff at the lodge even let our in-house master chefs +Neidhi and +Shail do the barbecue!!

How can I forget the first Paddle boat lessons from Raghav?

It really is a memorable one :) See some pics!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

3.7 Kms :)

After rigorous drills like step ups and intensive quick push up - squat combos finally got to finish 20 mins nonstop at 10.3 speed!

Good times:)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

My Status Messages

One of my friends suggested that I air all my status messages in my blog instead of my IM's status bar. So here are a few of those messages that must have appeared in my IM from 11'o clock in the morning.

1. The first time you are fooled, you will feel bad. The second time, not much. From then on, you get used to it.

After some time, some analysis and after forced self-consoling thoughts.............................

2. There are ppl who are being paid to do exactly that. Are ppl doing justice what they are being paid for? GOD is watching don't worry says my conscience.

After some more time......................

3. How you wished for an existing set up to continue only to rethink later?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Back to form?

Hopefully! Just got back to completing 3.2 Kms on the mill with 20 minutes at 9.1/hr.. Hope this is the beginning of regaining form and achieving even more to get back in shape :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Super garnished bhel :)

Though not so tasty or healthy this Bhel chaat is super garnished inviting your taste buds!

Reality kicks in once you try.... No match for it's tasty south Indian cousin the ultimate Bhel puri;

Nevertheless try this if you get a chance. You don't lose much anyways, I promise.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Poem on Chitthirai (சித்திரை)

The inclination to enjoy short Tamil poems has compelled me to start a new label where I collect Tamil verses I have come across be it Tamil songs or elsewhere. And what better way than to start this with a cute two liner from the Karur Collector office and probably from several other government offices in Tamil Nadu for the reintroduction of Chitthirai (First month in Tamil calendar) as the first month of the Tamil year.

சித்திரை இனித்தாள் தமிழாக;

சிந்தையில் உதித்தாள் அமுதாக!

                                                                                                   Just melts away :)

chithirai inithaal thamizhaga sindhaiyil udhithaal amudhaga

Sunday, June 10, 2012

New York!

As the city that never sleeps beckons, got reminded abt my favourite lines from The Shawshank Redemption.

"I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams. I hope."

When I think that the 5th Googleversary will be thrice as much fun as I will be in transit and would get to celebrate that in Hyderabad, Dubai and finally in New York is all the more exciting :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

First New Year Resolution!

I could not vividly recall any new year resolutions earlier. So 2012 will be the first and let's head straight into the list.

1. Become an early riser - Roomie Karthigeyan's habit of this is super infectious and seems to be very good one. But this time I mean really early.

2. Stick to the wonder woman Anusha's (my dietician) regime. That means more phulkas and less rice that again never for dinner.

3. Read more - Having enjoyed fiction for the firs time, I would really love to cast my thumb impressions on many more books.

4. Invest wise - Remember an ad proclaiming 'failing to plan is planning to fail' so I better focus on managing my savings well.

5. Dress well - My best friend here mentioned 'Why don't you groom yourself?' So this will be another major area but with Brand Factory outlet at the end of my street it should be a low hanging fruit.

6. Blog regularly - One of the very few hobbies of mine needs more attention. The goal is to post on both my blogs more frequently.

7. Watch more - Watch more movies. Seeing MI for the first time in 2011 is pretty lame.

I'll reveal how I fare against each of these resolutions as we approach 2013. Happy New Year everyone!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Business at Bengaluru...

After more than 3.5 years at my job I was entrusted with a new project which also led me to move to Bangalore for a while...... Was super thrilled about that and more than that it was so cool to visit Karur every other weekend! And managed to do that too.

Shifting between the guest house and Oberoi and juggling work on the day and again in the night was pretty hectic. Even more fun was taking Mom along for a long weekend and roaming around the city while she was ardently immersed in religious thoughts & prayers at ISKCON temple! Not that am an atheist in any way though. 

For now just that and some pictures from my rooms in Oberoi, Park and the Google guest house below. More later :)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Anjappar In Hyderabad!

I woke up this morning (it was afternoon by then actually) and suddenly got reminded of chettinad food (It's been a long time since I had some.) But then I can't help. I will have to wait until I go home next time to relish it.

Just as these things were going on in my mind, I grabbed the newspaper and moved on to Hyderabad Times to learn to my surprise that the well known chain of Chettinad Cusine Anjappar has opened up in Hyderabad. Earlier, the only option for chettinad food freaks in Hyderabad was Malgudi. I've had food there several times but then I wouldn't say it is great. Chettinad Food is a class apart. Malgudi wasn't doing justice to that. So, I stopped frequenting it.

But now there is Anjappar. People who know Anjappar will speak about it's taste. But you can't go by that until you try your hand here in Hyderabad. I planned to visit the same day but had to postpone it for some reason.

One more thing about Anjappar in Hyderabad is that it is located in Panjagutta. I religiously go to this area Somajiguda (via Panjagutta i.e.) once in every week for some reason. The point is if Anjappar clicks, then I will visit Anjappar every week too. Hope it goes well. My friend Navin has already tried it out it seems and finds it to be good as is evident from his blog. It's my turn now. Am anxiously waiting for it.

In the meantime though, thanks Anjappar for opening up the shop in Hyderabad (am praying your competitors also follow suit so that we have more choice) and Hyderabad Times for putting up its review.

Ok wait! Now I know what you are thinking. OMG! Won't this guy stop blogging about food? Sorry! I am a self-confessed food freak.

Anjappar comes to Hyderabad

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It ain't feel good when you are cornered.............

Big Brother (the mighty M!): Beta, I am very excited to let you know that you will be the co-owner and co-promoter of our new company (the communications venture).

Chota Beta (Da Big Fool A!): WoW!

Big Brother: However, you can't gain access to our company's campus (or anything related to our company) because you're not going to get the access card though this card is given by default even to our tail-end customers!

Chota Beta: Oooopsssss.......

Big Brother: Also, your mobile service is terminated not really bcoz you didn't pay the bill on time but mainly bcoz your bill is longer than the longest bill we've had so far.

Chota Beta: OMG!!!!!!!!!

Big Brother: But Beta, I can assure you one thing. You still continue to remain as the co-owner cum co-promoter. It is just that you won't have any sort of access to our company and that you can't use any of our services as well. But you can still continue promoting our company.

Chota Beta: ????????????????????????????????????????

History has it that the shaken beta fights for his rights in public and indeed wins the game.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Farewell to My First Manager!

A humble reportee's farewell blog post for his first manager in life! I could have never imagined that life will change so drastically and so often in Google. Time has now come to bid bye to my first ever manager in life. It would be surprising to know that in the beginning, I thought a company like Google which self-proclaims to be different from any of corporate America wouldn't have the conventional Manager – Reportee structure. So, when I saw people using the word 'manager' so often, I thought if every employee in Google was internally called as a manager just like how every employee in Wal-Mart is called an associate. What a stupid assumption? But of course, Yes!!!!!!! There are companies where there are only managers. Even the last person in the chain is a manager. May be, a manager of himself/herself. Or a good manager of time. Manager can mean anything rite...... How mean for these companies to use such inherent loopholes in English words to make everyone a manager.    

But it didn't take me even one full day to realize that real managers do exist in Google. And there comes a new a person in my life as my first manager – Richa Maheshwari. I had never heard of such a name as 'Richa' before I came here. But soon I could understand that this is a pretty common name in North India. Being ignorant of the existence of such a name itself and having seen this wonder woman for more than a year now, I can safely conclude that the word 'Richa' means an embodiment of encouragement, goodwill, an unbelievably long foresight and vision and a never ending list of such qualities.

Let us move on. As soon as I established that I will have to report to a manager, curiosity crept in suddenly to have a first glimpse of my manager. Thanks to the super-spacious JST (for the 1.0 and 2.0 nooglers: the previous building of Google) that only accommodated every team with a pre-condition that it will make sure even the smallest team hosted by it was scattered in different farthest corners, the wait was only long. If this was not enough I had my week long training in an altogether different building (read as RMZ and for the nooglers: just think that there is yet another building for Google in Hyderabad) and all my nets period in a different floor. The wait was getting longer. Add another six weeks.I couldn't stop a moment further when my calendar popped up the reminder 'Chat time with Richa in 10 minutes.' And there went this humble reportee to finally put an end to the long wait.

If I were to give a rough guess, it wouldn't have been more than a few weeks for Richa into this organization at that time and she was already rattling of tips to improve productivity in Approval Bin "Don't be very mechanical" much to the awe of half a dozen experienced rockers who could only nod their heads in agreement. Soon after I digested some of the long list of tips, I went back to my desk and started experimenting them. When I found the tips pay off instantly, it was nothing short of a WHAT AN IDEA SIRJI? Moment for me. Where were you so far? Who else can come to an organization like Google that thrives on radically different philosophies, internalize the new values, and come up with ideas so quickly and easily? Richa you Rock!!!!!!!

It was one of the exciting moments again, when my then pod lead 'The Lenhart' (read as Kerrie Lenhart) pinged a bunch of us to start quickly for a lunch with our manager. All of us gathered quickly to experience whatever that was in store for us. And what was in store? A wholesome picture of life, politics and business and all. Between, during the time when Richa went to grab some food, The Lenhart (our pod lead: if you have a serious short-term memory loss that is) explained how difficult it was to convince this manager that it is not a practical idea to meet every team member individually. The people friendly manager Richa had asked to meet everyone individually over lunch it seems. But that could have easily taken her more than a month considering the strength of the team then. You see. How everyone in Google is always right?????????

The ISB Visit:

It was a Saturday morning and it was only few weeks for me in Hyderabad. My head was clear without any agenda. One of those very rare occasions where I do not have anything to do but time was plentiful. I thought why don't I step out of my house and get on to a bus and get dropped at some random place, walk around for a while in that place and come back. At least, I will get a small flavour of what this city of Hyderabad is all about. Decided. I walked out and for quiet some time, I was only walking in hilly terrains before I could find the closest bus stop (you guys know how well Jubilee Hills and Banjara Hills are connected to the rest of Hyderabad right?). Man!!! I bet anyone could survive in Jubille Hills or Banjara Hills without having their own means of personal transport.

As soon as I spotted something like a bus stop from a long a distance, I wanted to confirm. A stranger came to my rescue. Confirmed. But even that spot seemed to be a mile away when my mobile rang up to display a number that was not stored in my phonebook. It was Genevieve.

Me: Hello!

Gen: Hi, this is Gen here. We are coming to pick you up.

Me: Pick me up? To where? (I had forgotten that I signed up for the ISB visit that Richa offered. I kinda have this long-term memory loss. Yup! Events that happened a week ago are long term for me. At least, in Google parlance, considering the rapidity and thoroughness with which things change here. Agreed?????? Now this makes life easier for people like Erin who have a pending obligation to give out their long term plans. Erin, why wait anymore, give away your long term plan. That is, tell her what you will do during the next weekend!!!!!!!!! And there you go!!!!! Just see how my new found definition for 'long term' is coming to the rescue of others.)

Me (again): Also Gen. I don't think I've talked to you before (I didn't know the team members yet).

Gen: Hey. Am from your team. Didn’t you sign up for the ISB visit?

Me: Oh yea.

Gen: So where are you right now?

Me: ahhh... (my head completes a three sixty degree turn to pick some landmark. But in vain. There was no building or anything of the sort of a landmark around). Am in Banjara Hills. But Gen, if you want a landmark, you see in Banajara Hills, there is a steep upward-slope followed by a deep depression and immediately followed by another steep uphill and am right there!!!!!

Gen: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But somehow the clever and capable Gen was successful in picking me up. And there we were in the campus of the coveted Indian School of Business. Followed by brunch at ISB Canteen (Courtesy: My First Manager). Then the entire day witnessed us all admire the various things at ISB as our patient manager went overboard to make sure that there is no important place in ISB's sprawling campus that we didn't visit or there is a must-know thing about ISB that we didn't know. Hospitality thy name Richa?

The Aftermath (of ISB visit):

The ISB visit was over and I was back. Like any important event, the ISB visit also had an aftermath effect on me. I promptly changed my status message to 'I WENT TO ISB.' No!! No!! The cryptic statement was only intentional. Just to fool any soul that is innocent to the core (Though I know such souls don't exist in Google except ME that is. But still...........) that I am here at Google after my one year power packed MBA stint at ISB!!!!!!!!! And what happened???????

Follow up pings were prompt too. But from my friends, Oh My God!!! For the reputation they have for cracking people.

Friend: GEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Me: Yep!

Frnd: U went to ISB?

Me: Yea

Frnd: I mean Indian School of Business.

Me: Exactly (I typed confidently, come what may)

Frnd: In your dreams???????? Wake up boss.. came the reply!

I promptly switched my status msg back to 'Available "As Always".'

I think I have gone a bit out of purview of what this post is all about. Let's get back as I want to narrate another incident which will bring out and give an idea of how flexible my first manager is. It was during some holiday when I was preparing to depart for my home town. My trains you all know will always be at weird times. This one was at 5 PM. So, I need permission to leave early. As always. This problem still exists though.

And so I pinged "HI" to initiate the discussion with MFM (aka. My First Manager). "Hi Suresh" came the reply in no time. I just wondered if she was only waiting for her team members to ping so that she can reply instantly. Then I told her that I may want to leave a little early say by 4 PM to catch my train. It was followed by two questions. "Which place are you going to?" And "Which Station?" I answered both in quick time, but there was no reply from the other side for a while. I thought for a moment that the permission was going to be denied. But I can't help. That is my train and I have to go. There is no way out. After a few minutes came the reply. "Suresh, if you want to go to this station, I think you should start even earlier. Say by 3 or 3.30. Don't take any risk especially with the traffic around here." OMG! That says how pampered a lot rockers are.

If I was able to stabilize myself even as my performance was dancing on the edges of minimum expectations, when I myself had thought if I was brought to Rock to fill the gap of a blunderbuss in a team where there was no dearth of stellar performers or core job crunchers, it was due to the motivational therapies from Richa and the like.

The Present Day:

How we all wished and plotted to have a self-contained team with binners, optimizers, emailers, product guru and all, so we can stay together as one team. But separation had known our plans it seems, to have its way. And there comes the saviour Sanjaya as if he had come to convert OSO India into the likes of Nike's 'Innovation Kitchen.' Or does he want it to become a sales powerhouse? Or Both? GOD Knows What!!!!!!!

What then? The teams are split. Two worlds are formed. The old (Before Sanjaya) and the new (After Sanjaya). And also the A&O and 4-7 societies born, splitting teams across the office into parts, not sparing even managers. Rock isn't any different.

As the blogging powerhouse and the GOD of Geeks (no this isn't a misspelling for Greeks. Read as Geek. Say someone who knows well on how to get their blog to feature as one of Google's top generic search results every time you search) prepares her part of the team to conquer the Tier 4-7 world where the claim to conquest itself needs to be process-innovated yet, the entire part which forms the 4-7 world from Rock is only thrilled and considers it a pride to sail under her visionary leadership.

If for anything, the team members are concerned about, it is the obvious lacuna that Richa is leaving behind. But as we all know the two mutual admiration societies (A&O and the tier 4-7) that these are will only complement each other until they converge again.

Finally, as Richa heads on to strengthen, build, and rewrite our analytical and operational competencies, here's wishing her all success. Richa, continue rocking. Always.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Knowledge of US Politics

I couldn't resist from sharing how knowledgeable I am when it comes to US Politics.

When Hillary and Obama were campaigning against each other in the presidential race, I was totally on the side of Hillary as I read elsewhere that it would be beneficial for India if Democrats indeed come to power.

I can't tell you how depressed I was when Hillary actually lost the race only to later realize that both Hillary and Obama are from the same party The Democrats!!!

Oh My Blog!

After a long thought, I have finally decided to give blogging a try. Let time tell how blogging fit I am. I actually had grand plans for my first ever original blog post, but you know certain things in life won't wait for you. But for the quality conscious person that I am, I wanted to rule out a total compromise on my first blog post.

So, for my first post, am going for one of the common things many bloggers do when they list ten things that they either want from someone or want to convey something to others.

Just as I set out to list ten things that I want from GOD, I realized that I didn't even have ten requests but only four. Now wait, this list of five is very dynamic. As dynamic as 'dynamic' can get. So, keep revisiting this post if at all you are reading this post. But still, why don't GOD give me all of them? After all I only have four!
  • Stop Youtube from repeatedly removing the videos that I die for!
  • Saravana Bhavan (the real one) in Hyderabad. Sorry Tolichowki. I can't go to the other end of the city for this. Atleast, not regularly.
  • Help me become a Food Freak and a Fitness Freak and be both at the same time.
You can expect me to bring out things like why I suddenly wanted to turn veggie, how I wish I was a Tam-Bram, more about my home town the small town Karur (Sorry! The Hot Bed. Isn't it Paari?), the strong opinions I have on Dravidian Politics and so on which will reveal more of my personality. But you got to wait for that!